Abbot Thayer Picture - Camouflage

Illustration from the 1909 book Concealing Coloration in the animal Kingdom by Abbot Thayer that shows the extraordinary capacity of birds like the peacock to be camouflaged in their natural habitats. 

(National Museum of American Art, SI)

Camouflage print was born in the beginning of the XX century during World Word I to protect troops from being observed and attacked in the battle field especially by the enemy aircrafts. The development of this print joined army, artists and naturalists like Abbot Thayer, whose 1909 book “Concealing Coloration in the Animal Kingdom” was essential for the basis of this pattern.

From 1919 artists and fashion designers have used the symbolism of the “camo” pattern in their work, becoming a recurrent inspiration for their collections.

Louise & Zaid suggest you to use it in small details with our camouflage bow ties: green color for a relaxed street style with flair; deep black to give a sophisticated and contemporary touch to night events.


by Louise & Zaid

Camouflage Bow Tie
Black Camouflage Bow Tie