The seven-fold necktie is the quintessence of luxury neckwear. At Louise & Zaid, we are proud to use this old technique to craft ties from  the finest materials that are authentic works of art in themselves.

Creating an artisanal seven fold necktie is a long and intricate process that takes much time longer and double material than a traditional tie. Every tie is carefully sewn by hand with pure silk threads without any lining and then, meticulously folded in seven folds to construct the estructure of the tie. A meticulous and intensive manual labour that ends with the fine sterling silver chain that is sewn on the back to hold the tie.

Dapper and smooth, this seven-fold necktie crafted from a luxurious and sophisticated silk jacquard twill is perfect to enhance your tailored looks and add that contemporary and nonchalant flair.

100% silk jacquard
Sterling silver chain on the back
Seven fold
Width: 9 cm / 3.54″
Length: 150 cm / 59.05”

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