Rough sea, white sand islands, wild beaches, lighthouses on majestic cliffs, ancient forests in fog, magical shrines, hidden dolmens, one thousand rivers, ancient vineyards, the Camino de Santiago, Finis Terraeā€¦ In the far northwest corner of the IberianĀ Peninsula, Galicia is a green and blue land of legends and spirituality deeply influenced by its Celtic culture and its strong religious heritage as one of the most important pilgrimage centres in the world.

Catedrais - Galicia

A land of men and women who keep alive the ancient crafts from immemorial times. From generation to generation they have passed down the art of carefully crafting splendid laces, natural fabrics, leather, jewelry, and sculpting jet, stone or wood. A place where traditions almost lost in time such as tailoring are being rediscovered under a contemporary and renewed view, maintaining the essence of the authentic craftsmanship.