Far from seasonal concepts and industrial production, our creative view is based on the return to genuine craftsmanship, on a personal and close relationship with materials and shapes and the continuous search for the exquisiteness of every detail.


Every stage, from the selection of fabrics, pattern designing and tailoring is done in our workshop in Galicia. From the moment the fabric unfolds its beauty to show the way it should be cut to the final step of sewing the small black label with the delicate silk thread, all is part of the fascinating ritual of giving life to each piece.


The pieces of our collections are carefully handcrafted from the finest fabrics selected from the best European artisan weavers. Top quality silks, wools, cashmeres, velvets or linens turn into unique pieces that convey their richness at first sight.


From Louise & Zaid we want to contribute to recovering and renewing the Galician artisan tailoring heritage.


L&Z spring 2016

Looking for an inspiring and open space where designing and making our neckwear collections, we decide to move to the ancient family house in the countryside near Lugo and restore the grandfather’s old forge to set up our atelier.

The workshop is located near Santiago de Compostela and La Coruña in an area belonging to a Biosphere Reserve of incredible natural beauty, a special place where more than two thousand years ago the ancient Sacred Forest of Lugo stood and where megalithic monuments, Celtic petroglyphs and old legends are still preserved.

The atelier wants to reflect the philosophy and identity of Louise & Zaid and its commitment with the values of craftsmanship. It is not only a workshop but also a meeting place open to everybody who wants to learn more about the brand, meet us, see our latest creations or order a bespoke piece.